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Why Jenonymously?

Jenny in Korea

The Jenny cafe in Seoul, Korea

Jennifer is the 6th most common girls name in the US.  Almost 1.5 million Americans share my name.  That count doesn’t include Jennys or Jennifers in the rest of the world.

The up-side of having an ultra common name is few people misspell my name.  It’s also fairly easy to remember. However, finding uniqueness with a name that’s owned by millions can be a real challenge.

In a world of unique URLs and custom user names, how does someone with a name like everyone else’s find a distinctive identity for themselves?

Well, essentially, you don’t.  But you can learn a lot about other people with your name while arriving at this conclusion.

For example, Jennifer Walters is a dean of religious life at a college; Jennifer Walters is a school superintendent in California; and Jennifer Walters is a Marvel comics superheroine, She-Hulk. However, I am none of these (except, if any, maybe the last one.)

Jenny Walters is a writer for Country Walking Magazine and likes pudding; Jenny Walters is a painter who likes gardening and lives in Australia; Jenny Walters is a photographer in Staffordshire, England or in Los Angeles or maybe in Cincinnati; and Jenny Walters is a kindergarten teacher in North Carolina.  However, I am none of these.

So I researched my maiden name. My Desmond relatives can trace our lineage to the passengers on the Mayflower, so, of course, it turns out that Jenny Desmond’s abound. Jenny Desmond is a photographer with an eye for Weimaraners; Jennifer Desmond is a wine educator in New York; Jenny Desmond is a champion on a rowing team in Oxfordshire, England; Jenni Desmond is a children’s book illustrator in London (whew, this one hits close to home); and finally, Jenny & Desmond are a couple in Hong Kong who do weddings. However, I am none of these.

I found famous Jennys, artistic Jennys, weight loss Jennys and 100s of songs and videos about Jenny.

In this multi-Jenny world it’s clear that I am just another Jenny, writing anonymously about my life.

Jenny + Anonymously = Jenonymously

So, welcome to my blog, Jenonymously — a blog by just another Jenny

Jenni Clothing

Jenni is the name of a clothing line in Japan.

  1. Alyssa permalink

    OMG Ms.Walters!! i just noticed that you have a blog and this is so interesting!!! Keep on writing!!! 😀

    • jenonymously permalink

      Hey Alyssa! Glad you found it. It’s a wonderful way to write about your life. You should start one too. I will help you anytime. We miss you! See you in a month.

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