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Little Prince Kids Restaurant in Korea

March 20, 2011

People who’ve never been to South Korea may not realize what a modern, upscale and high tech county it is.

The focus on child-centered themed restaurants and cafes is one of my favorite things about this incredible city. These eat-and-play restaurants entertain kids in a safe, well-designed environment while parents can stay reasonably engaged as well. Kids’ cafes and restaurants are highly popular in South Korea and are found throughout the country in unexpected places.

As a foreigner, the hardest part is finding them, but once you do, you’ll discover hours of fun and enjoyment for your kids and yourself.

It may surprise you, but kids’ cafes in Korea are actually known for having tasty, quality food! Americans might be shocked at the notion. After all, our country’s most popular example of kid-centered, eat-and-play restaurants is Chuck E. Cheese, or as my husband calls it, Chuck E. Disease (have your kids ever NOT ended up with some cold or virus after spending an afternoon here?)

At Chuck E. Cheese, and a small number of places like it, pizza is the main menu item, and it usually tastes like cardboard. The salad bar, which is usually the only healthy option, offers wilted lettuce and carrot sticks. Ok, granted, I may be exaggerating just a bit to make my point, but truthfully, the experience with its blinking, beeping, whirring lights and endless, mind-numbing sounds is nothing like the more tranquil, wholesome, educationally stimulating cafes for kids in Korea.

Hopefully you’ve read my previous entries about the Hello Kitty Restaurant and the Dalki Cafe so you know what I mean. These places do an amazing job of catering to moms with their tasty coffees and fruit drinks for sipping while the kids play, or the mini computer stations where you can surf the Internet while the kids ride the indoor train. Moms can also find an assortment of magazines to read while the kids play house or build with blocks. All the while, caring and friendly staff members are assigned to look after the kids while they play. For dads, there’s also a beer and wine selection and private dining rooms where they can even steal away to take a nap — I often see them asleep on the floor and get such a laugh.

Additionally, the toys are clean, the floors are usually spotless, the bathrooms are pristine and the food is well-balanced and delicious, if a bit pricey at times. Video cameras are placed throughout the facility with monitoring screens near every dining table so that moms can still keep an eye on kids from a distance.

Case in point, The Little Prince Kids Restaurant in Seoul’s Yangcheon-gu, Mokdong, located on the southwest side of the Han River and seen in purple in the map outline here.

Yangcheon-gu has three separate dongs. Mok-dong is one of them. Wikipedia says that “Yangcheon-gu is home to mostly middle and upper-class families and is considered one of the best wards in Seoul to live.” About Mok-dong, Wiki says it “is famous for its education and good schools, including Yang-Chung High School, which has more than 100 years of history. For this reason, it is home to many upper class people. Many broadcasting stations are clustered in here, including CBS, and SBS. The region was usually used for raising horses in Joseon Dynasty, before it was developed by government in 1980s to provide housing for increasing population of Seoul. The name Mok means tree, probably named due to abundance of trees in the region.”

Now that you know where Mok-dong is, are you wondering why you should take a trip over there?

The Little Prince Cafe will be worth the trip.

Check out these photos of the classy-for-moms but totally-awesome-for-kids interior!

You can see more about the Little Prince Kids Restaurant online by checking out their website on Naver.

Little Prince Kids Restaurant Info:

Address: Seoul, Yangcheon-gu, Mok 1 dong, Hyperion II, 2nd floor above the GS25

Phone:  02-2652-7001

Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Two-hour play time limit with purchase of food.

Station: Cafe is between Omokyo Station and Mokdong Station.

See the location on a map here.

Walking from Omokyo Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) towards Mokdong Station, the Hyperion II is on a street corner on the left. Look for the GS 25 convenience store and the tall Hyperion Towers. The Little Prince is above the GS 25. There is an Emart across the street from the Hyperion II.

  1. sandra permalink

    Hi Jenny!
    Thanks for this post! They have a Little Prince cafe in my area (Ilsan) also! But i have to say, the beer and wine isn’t only for the dads! i’ve seen groups of moms cheersing big beer mugs while their kiddies are playing with eachother and the staff of these places…haha it cracks me up everytime! as soon as i’m done breastfeeding i hope to find a nice kids cafe that serves up a delicious salted-rim lime margarita ^^ LOL
    Are you back in Korea? I was under the impression that you were relocated to Texas. if so, welcome back!!

    • Hey Sandra!
      That’s awesome! I loved your comment. You are so right — moms are just as entitled to have a beer or margarita as the dads!! I guess that’s one more reason why the abundant taxis around town can be so convenient. No worries about imbibing while you wait for your kids to wear themselves out — in a very lovely environment, no less. ha ha!
      I’m sad to say that I’m not in Korea right now. I sure do miss it! I’m still in Texas, going on almost six months now. We’re already searching the map for our next destination. I’d love to get back to Japan again for a while. So many fun things to do with kids there too!
      In the meantime, I’m trying to get my tail in gear and start posting lots of the places in Korea that are on my “to do” list. With the relocation, I fell behind and didn’t get a chance to share some really cool places. Now that I’m more settled, I really want to try to get up at least one post a week.
      Your message really helps motivate me — so thanks for taking the time to share it! Sometimes I do wonder if it’s worth all the time I spend researching and writing, and I think that probably no one is actually reading it anyway. ^^ LOL You just made my day.

    • Ethan permalink

      Hello. This is Ethan. I am Korean.
      I am dad who have baby boy is 7 month.
      I hope to find out Foreign familly which was lived in Ilsan/Goyang. and They had little baby.

      I hope to make communities for my baby boy. I you knows someone who have little baby live in Iisan or Goyang. Please, introduce me to them.

      Thank you. My e mail is

  2. Kathee permalink

    I LOVE your postings! PLEASE do not stop. We have lived in Korea for 4 years down at Osan AB and all of the ladies here absolutely adore your site. Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to help a sister out. 🙂 BTW we loved the Hello Kitty place!

    • Kathee! Thanks SO much for your comment. You’re my new best friend! LOL. You totally made my day today. I’m so glad to know that this info is helpful to you and other moms at Osan. It took me forever to start finding fun places to take my kids, but once I finally did, now I find them everywhere. There’s an unbelievable amount of great stuff to do in Korea. It seemed a shame to keep the info all to myself. That’s why I started posting it here. It makes me really happy to know that other moms are enjoying it. I have loads more places to share, I just have to find the time to do it! So glad to hear that you checked out the Hello Kitty Restaurant. Isn’t it amazing! Hope to hear from you again.
      All the best,

  3. Kathee permalink

    Headed to Little Prince today! AND we checked out Dalki a few weeks ago. The poo theme was funny! Thanks again so much!


  4. Hi,,, I found your blog from a post someone made on Facebook,thank you so much for this resource, we are here in osan for a month visiting my husband. We have a 7 and 5 year old, my daughter is a hello kitty fan, so I will also read your post on that. I just wanted to say hi, and thank you so much,

    • Hi Angela,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m delighted that you are finding some fun things to do with your kids here on my blog. The Hello Kitty play restaurant is fabulous. If you all have time to plan a trip to Japan while you are in Korea, there is also a fantastic and amazing Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo! So glad you posted here!

  5. Barb permalink

    Thank you so much, you’re a star. After my inadequate research and a subsequent unnecessary 35 min walk from Yeouido station to the National Assembly to see the Cherry Blossom Festival (note to others: get the subway to National Assembly station – not surprisingly, its closer, much closer!), our very cranky 3 & 4 yr old were ecstatic to be rewarded with a visit to the Little Prince Cafe! Your directions were awesome and the photos very reassuring. My kids had a blast and it helped them to forget that we were a week early for the non-existent blossoms – one of those days! A couple of quick updates (if you don’t mind?!) – there is now an entrance fee of 7000 won per child. I don’t know if you still have to buy something or not – as we all ate anyway we didn’t think to ask. Also, the GS25 sign has been replaced by a Family Mart one and lastly, they’ve renumbered the floors, so its now on level B1. If we were able to work all this out, I’m sure anyone else could but just thought I’d put it out there for your page followers.

    • Hey Barb! Thanks for your awesome comment. I’ll be sure to update the post to reflect the new info you provided. This is extremely helpful because we can keep the information current for those who want to visit these spots. Things change so quickly in Korea. From month to month, entire businesses can be torn down and rebuilt. Also glad to hear that you went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. How were the blooms this year?
      Many thanks!

  6. Lindsay permalink

    Yes, please DO keep posting because me and my friends LOVE your site! It is really difficult to find things to do in Seoul but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. It’s just a matter of finding the hidden gems! So, THANK YOU for your well written and detailed posts on fun things to do with kiddos! I couldn’t have survived the winter without your ideas so thank you again! Please keep them coming!

    PS. I have a 3yr old girl and she LOVED the Little Prince Cafe, next stop Hello Kitty Town!!

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging note. It means the world to me to know that other moms are using this info to get out and about in Korea. It’s such an amazing place if you can manage to get out and explore it. Often, that’s the hardest part because everything is unknown and challenging. But, visiting places like the Little Prince Cafe and Hello Kitty Town make it all worth it. I’ll try to be more regular about posting some new stops. I have a ton of ideas, but my life is so busy right now that I don’t make the time to write. You message really encourages me to do more posting!
      Thanks so much,

  7. Petra permalink

    I just wanted to thank you for your blogpost about things to do with kids in Seoul! I found your blog today, so I´ve only read about gymboree and the little prince restaurant so far, but I will read more when I get the time. Thank you again!

    • Wow, thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you found my posts and I hope they help you make the most of your time in Korea. I keep saying I have lots more to post and one of these days I promise I will get organized to share it here. There are some amazing things to do in Korea with kids!
      Thanks again!

  8. HI! I’m going to Korea in a week, and this post was insanely helpful to me, thank you so much! I really want to go to this cafe, because one of my favorite boy groups SHINee went to this cafe in their TV show Hello Baby, and I was wondering, is there more than one Little Prince cafe in Seoul? Because I heard they went to one in Sinchon, but this one looks so much like it, and also the name Little Prince cafe (same logo) can be seen in the background of the episode ^^ <– Please do tell me if this is the same cafe! Thank you again ^^ (I'll keep searching for info.. but if anything, I'll go to this one and ask)

    • Ah, JoAnn! I feel terrible that I’ve missed your message and I hope you were able to find your answer before you left. I’ve been out of town myself and am just now getting back to my blog. So sorry!
      I’m thrilled that you found my posts and even happier that they helped you make some plans for your upcoming trip.
      I did some research about the Little Prince Cafe and found that there are dozens of them throughout Korea. The one I mentioned is in Mokdong which is a different area than Sinchon. All the cafes are designed to look very similar. If you can get a nice map of the area you should be able to find Sinchon. I couldn’t find a specific address for the Sinchon location.
      I hope you find what you’re looking for and have a wonderful time exploring Korea.
      Best wishes,

  9. bhawna permalink

    my sons birthday is on 16th january…………i want to celebrate it there,please tell me full details and charges also,the no. of kids are 12 with 12 mothers also,please send me full details as soon as possible,please tell me if you have any special discount…….thanks n regards

    • Hi there,
      I don’t really have any of the details you’re asking about. Everything I know about the Little Prince Cafe is posted on my blog page. Perhaps you are trying to contact the cafe directly and sent me a comment by mistake? You should try to get in touch with the cafe and talk to someone at the restaurant. If you need help speaking to them in Korean, you can contact one of the Global Village Centers around the Seoul area for help contacting the restaurant. Good luck with your party and Happy Birthday to your son!

  10. Raffaella permalink

    I’m going to check The Little Prince Café
    right today…I really can’t wait to see my son’s
    face amusement when we’ll get there! Thank you
    so much for your great posts Jenny!!! 🙂

    • You’re so welcome! It makes me so happy to hear about people who are brave enough to go out and enjoy great things for kids in Korea! I’m really honored that you read my blog and enjoyed it. Have a great trip.

  11. Ali permalink

    Just for an update. The last time I went to Little Prince in Mokdong it was closed down. Unfortunately I could read any of the stuff on the paper on the door, but it looked for good. We had to change plans and went to the one in Gangnam. It’s above the emart there.

    • Thanks so much for the helpful tip! Sorry it was closed, but really glad you found the one in Gangnam. Thanks again for letting me know here.

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