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I Love Egg. Do You?

August 29, 2010

It amazes me what my kids uncover on You Tube. I know I should be more worried about them clicking around randomly but my oldest daughter is a great You Tube cop. She keeps my younger, more naive girls in check. Of course, I’ve given them plenty of guidance about how things that look cute on the thumbnail may be questionable. Anyway, that’s beside the point. My 8-year-old was watching Korean counting videos and came upon some really cute animations that demand to be shared with all my friends here. One of them is Love Egg and the I Love Egg brand.

Since discovering this Korean animated character, my girls can be heard singing the “I Love Egg” song in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Yes, the constant tune of “I Love Egg” that resonates down the halls of my high-rise apartment in Seoul, Korea make me begin to experience some very strong feelings. In fact, I’m beginning to Hate Egg, until I catch a glimpse of that cute little creature with her yummy yellow middle bouncing around in a mermaid costume, a hula skirt or a strawberry suit.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Love Egg and her friends as they present the song that’s sweeping across the nation (well ok, just my house maybe). Here is “I Love Egg.” We are fortunate (or unfortunate, you decide) to have a full English version of this song, so you can enjoy it in both Korean and English. The choice is yours.

Here’s the Korean version with some cute sound-effect words. “Pang pang!”  

For a list of 13 more adorable, funny and strange I LOVE EGG episodes, check out NEWGROUNDS’ website.

If you want to meet Love Egg and her lovely friends, visit the Korean I Love Egg website (with English translation available on the page) where you can download wallpapers and read the comic strips found only on this site.

You can also visit the I LOVE EGG site in the UK where Coolabi is the foreign licensing agent for iloveegg. Their site has links to all the animations as well as some cute online games that kids will enjoy.

Hope you enjoy learning about I Love Egg. Share a post below and tell me what you think.

One Comment
  1. Chessygirl12 permalink

    So Cute!!!! I LOVE EGG!!

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