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Little Prince Kids Restaurant Korea Locations

July 27, 2011

It’s such a drag when web links change. Ugh. I just went back to check on the Little Prince Kids Restaurant and found that their main web page was gone. It links to a medical page now.

I updated my original post with the link to their Naver page, but I always find Naver hard to navigate. That’s a bit of irony, don’t you think?

One thing about Korean websites is that they use Flash like crazy. They love to run little animations in the page and put content in a Flash template. The problem with that is it makes using a translation support tool like Google Translate rather useless. Google can’t translate text in a Flash format. Therefore, I have no hope of reading the message on the page. Or, it takes me HOURS to work through tiny segments of text by sounding out each Korean word.

By contrast, Japan web developers don’t seem to have such a love affair with using Flash so Japanese sites are easier to translate and understand. The English translation and grammar are by no means perfect, but you can still understand the basic message or sentiment and enjoy Japan even as a foreigner.

On the plus side, through my efforts with the Little Prince web search, I came across a listing of all the locations of the Little Prince Restaurant throughout Korea. There aren’t just one or two. There are dozens! There’s even one in Orange County California that opened in July 2010.

Here’s a list, based on my rough translation with the limited aid of Google Translate. It lists the city where each Little Prince is said to have opened and the date it opened.

I should preface this by saying that I have not been to these locations so I can’t exactly confirm their existence, but if you’ve been to one of these, leave a comment below and we’ll confirm their existence together!

I also came across the menu for Little Prince Cafe in Korea so I’ll include that after the list.


Cheonan, Gyeryong [2011-07-09]

Inchon in Bupyeongjeom [2011-05-03]

Chuncheonjeom [2011-04-23]

Busan Nampojeom [2011-03-05]

Wonjujeom [2011-01-29]

Seoul Sindangjeom [2011-01-15]

Sangmujeom Guangzhou [2010-12-13]

Bucheon Sangdongjeom [2010-12-03]

Busan Seomyeonjeom [2010-09-16]

Buksuwonjeomyi [2010-08-10]

Chonbuk Gunsanjeom [8/3/2010]

Ansanjeom [2010-07-17]

U.S. CA [2010-07-16]

Gyeongnam Gimhaejeom [2010-06-29]

Chonbuk Iksanjeom [2010-05-19]

Cheonan, Asan [2010-03-29]

Suwon Yeongtong [2009-12-19]

Seoul Sinchonjeom [2009-11-14]

Incheon Geomdan [2009-10-21]

Yicheonjeom [2009-09-12]

Dongducheon [2009-08-27]

Inchon nonhyeonjeom [2009-06-13]

Seoul nowonjeom [2009-05-25]

Ilsan [2009-04-16]

Seoul Mokdong [2009-04-09]

Ulsan [2009-03-21]

Sinjeju [2009-01-31]

Kyungpook Gumijeom [2008-12-16]

Haeundaejeom [2008-11-12]

Seoul National University [2008-09-05]

Pyeongchang Phoenix Park [2008-06-21]

Jeonjujeom [2008-06-20]

Pyeongchonjeom [2008-04-24]

Uiwangjeom [2008-04-16]

Chang’an in Seoul [2008-03-28]

Seongseojeom [2008-02-02]

Changwonjeom [2008-01-19]

Bundang [2007-12-14]

Cheongjujeom [2007-11-01]

Jingshan [2007-10-13]

Paju Geumchon open [2007-04-27]

  1. Leia permalink


    Thanks for your update on the location of Little prince cafe. I am intending to bring my son there but unfortunately I can’t read Korean and so not able to find out how to get to a nearer one. Saw on your list that there is a branch at Sinchon. I will be staying at Fraser place central which is at city hall. Is it nearer? Could you help me with the exact address and directions? Also, what exactly do they serve on the menu? Thanks!

    • Hi Leia,
      Not sure I can be of much help, because the Naver site is too hard to translate, but as for the menu, you can see from the photos that they have a variety of rice dishes, one pictured is omurice, an egg omelet stuffed with rice. They have pasta choices and steak. The Little Prince Special looks like a breaded chicken dish. Often they will have an English menu on hand, and usually someone on the wait staff will speak English if you need help. But, don’t be afraid to try something new. I’ve found that most food in Korea is very delicious and, especially in a kids’ cafe, you’re sure to find something easy to enjoy.
      There is a Korea Tourism Organization office very near city hall. You could stop in there and ask for help. They have great maps and brochures with lots of things to do on your trip. Have a great time! ~Jenny

  2. Hi. I was disappointed at not finding a search widget on your site. I was looking for “Dongtan Children’s Cafe” but I couldn’t find it in your numerous posts. Google said I would find it on your site but no luck.

    • Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you couldn’t find what you were looking for. I don’t have a post on “Dongtan Children’s Cafe.” That’s why you couldn’t find it. I did a post on Hello Kitty Town, a restaurant and children’s play cafe in the Dongtan area. Google probably took your search criteria and directed you to my post with the words “Dongtan,” “children’s” and “cafe.”
      Adding a search widget is, of course, a great idea, but not something on my list of priorities at the moment.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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