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Mom’s Mom Baby Store in Korea

June 28, 2010

Driving to Seoul from Ilsan took me along a street with many outlet shops of US brand names. I also discovered a huge baby and kids store called Mom’s Mom.

I had never heard of this store before, so it was a fun discovery. It reminded me of when I discovered Akachan Honpo, (アカチャンホンポ or 赤ちゃん本舗)  the baby store in Japan. It was like the mecca of everything wonderful for babies, and I ended up shopping there about once a week. I had driven by it numerous times, but because I never bothered to decipher the Japanese store name, I never gave it a second look. Finally, one of my Japanese friends started talking about it and I eventually made the connection that this was the store she was describing. From then on, I saw Akachan Honpo stores all over Tokyo! The lesson I learned is that it really does help to learn as much of a foreign language as you can, and to use it!

Learning Korean is so easy because there only a few letters to learn as compared to Japanese where they use three alphabets, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. In Korea, Hangeul is used everywhere, but English is very common too, so it’s easy to ignore the Hangeul and look for English only. The problem is, when we do this, sometimes we miss great stuff. This happened to me again recently when I found a great department store called High Brand. There was no English translation so I took a risk to find out what it was and ended up at a fun new place to shop.

Anyway, Mom’s Mom is a place I’ll definitely go back to check out. I didn’t stop on my way home because the kids were tired out from Hello Kitty Town and it was getting late. The store and the area in Goyang looked a little run down, as if they don’t get much business, but there were so many stores along the way so maybe it picks up more on the weekends when city shoppers take a little road trip to the outlet area.

Mom’s Mom has Carter’s and Osh Kosh clothing, strollers, car seats, baby accessories and kids’ toys.

Here’s the address in Korean, to the Mom’s Mom store.

In English it says:
Mom’s Mom
Gyeonggi-do, Goyang-shi, Deokyang-gu, donea-dong, 723-36

You can visit their website at:

  1. Mary Dene permalink

    We moved here 3 months ago and I’m all about learning languages. I speak French and German, but Korean is so intimidating. Nothing is recognizable because of the Hangul. I am signed up for a 3 month class beginning in January. I hope you’re right.

    • jenonymously permalink

      Hey Mary,
      Thanks so much for your comment! It’s great to hear from you. Welcome to Korea!
      Well, you definitely have your work cut out for you. I shouldn’t imply that Korean is necessarily easy to learn. I didn’t find it to be. For me, reading it was easy because the alphabet is pretty small compared to the Japanese alphabet that I was learning for two years before moving to Seoul. I found speaking and understanding Japanese to be much easier. But, it was a fun experience to learn a little Korean, and if you already speak French and German I bet you’ll have an easier time of it than someone who isn’t as skilled at learning languages. Although French and German are very different from Korean! Whatever your level of understanding, I think it’s always easier to get by in a culture if you can at least attempt to speak the local language. Local people are very forgiving of foreigners and also very pleased when we make an effort to learn, so kudos to you for taking the steps to sign up for a class. You’ve already shown more enthusiasm than most visitors to Korea. Way to go!

      I bet you will catch on the the letters very soon. It really helped me to read about how the alphabet was created and that the letters are actually based on the formation the mouth makes when pronouncing them. I have a whole post about the hanguel alphabet. I will try to move that blog post to the top of my list. It’s a fascinating history.
      Thanks again for reading. Enjoy Korea.

  2. Valan Kornhaus permalink

    How far is the moms mom store from hello kitty town? I plan on taking the train to hello kitty town and then trying to go to the store.

    • Hi Valan,
      Sorry to be so late with a reply. We’ve been busy, busy, busy! The Mom’s Mom store is about 15 minutes from Hello Kitty town by car. There wasn’t a train station within walking distance of the store. It was kind of out in the middle of nowhere and I just happened to pass it on my way home from HKT. Your best bet would probably be to take a taxi cab or use the bus system, but these options are out of my area of expertise, I’m afraid.
      Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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