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Sunset on the 63 Building

June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

We had the most lovely sunset drive along the Han River this week. It was a rare day of clear skies and a few puffy white clouds here in Seoul. Not like the hazy, foggy, yellow sand days we so often get where the only visible color in the sky is grey.

No, on this day, the hills on the other side of the river were in full view and the sunset cast a beautiful glow on the bridges and buildings that line the highway.

Even more remarkable was the glow of sunlight that was reflected off the golden windows of the 63 Building, called the Yuk-Sam Building by locals. It shone like it was entirely made of light and the reflection on the river was just as brilliant. The heavy traffic on the way back into the city at sunset meant that there were plenty of opportunities to take photos as we sat still waiting for traffic to move again. We weren’t the only ones taking photos. Many Korean people were also snapping shots with their cell phone. I’m sure photos are showing up on Korean blogs around the city.

Driving back into Seoul at rush hour is never a good idea! Thankfully, the scenery on this day was a beautiful distraction. We could actually see blue skies and puffy clouds. Oh, how I miss that simple pleasure!

This is the National Assembly building in Yeouido.

These tall apartment buildings line the expressway. Two to four families live in multi-room apartments on each level.

I think this is the Mapo Bridge.

I think this concrete bridge is the Wonhyo Bridge.

I believe this is the Hangang Railroad Bridge.


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