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The Beginning & End of Cherry Blossoms in Seoul Part 3

April 24, 2010

When it was all said and done, I finally concluded that the best examples I saw of Cherry Blossoms in Seoul were those trees just outside my apartment. Although I did later learn about a Cherry Blossom Festival at Seoul Land amusement park, by the time I heard about it, the blooms were gone. The weather during the two weeks of blooming time turned rainy, cold and windy just as the flowers started to come out. This dampened the impact of the trees quite a bit. In some cases, petals were blowing off before the tree was even finished blooming. The season went too quickly. Even my young daughter said, “Oh it’s so sad. We won’t see them again for a whole ‘nother year!”

Here are a few photos from my apartment on April 9th, just as the pink buds sprang from the limbs of the tree:

The following were taken on April 12th outside my apartment:

By the 19th, below, green leaves were sprouting and petals were falling.

Some other of my favorite photos this year were taken around Yongsan, but most were single trees on the side of the road here and there:

And by April 23rd, (below) most blooms were gone and the petals covered the sidewalks and curbs.

Saying goodbye to the Cherry Blossoms brings a sadness. We look forward to next year when we hope we’ll be around to see them come again.


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