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Box Art Exhibit in Seoul

January 22, 2010

Last January, my kids LOVED visiting the Box Art exhibit at the CROWN building in Yongsan. When I noticed a new sign up in front of the building recently, I knew this was something we’d definitely visit again. I haven’t made it there yet, but the exhibit runs through February 28, 2010, so we’ll definitely get out there soon.

You may be wondering what in the world a Box Art exhibit is. Let me show you some photos from last year.

The CROWN company makes many popular snack foods in Korea. Each year they sponsor a competition and exhibit where people and organizations can use boxes (preferably from some of their popular snacks) and create anything they can imagine. This exhibit was great for my two elementary school-aged kids and one toddler who each got something out of the exhibit. The older kids marveled at the clever designs created just from cardboard. The toddler had fun playing in the hands-on play zone where boxes of varying sizes and shapes could be used to build towers and other creations.

The best part of this exhibit is that it only cost us 1000Won per person. I hope the tickets are priced the same this year!

This play spot is made available for kids to build and create with a variety of snack boxes. There was also an interactive computer station for kids as well.

This large wall display is made entirely from the plastic wrapper of a strawberry snack. The wrappers are folded in loops and fastened down to a flat surface. The texture of this display was great to touch!

I’m not sure who made this shoe art, but I just thought it was interesting.

This vase is made entirely from cardboard rings glued together in layer after layer.

This is a cardboard teacup and teapot made from rings of cardboard from a chocolate cake snack.

This geometric design is something we learned about in China. Each ring contains a smaller ring inside it and they represent the number of people in a family. In China, we purchased one carved from Jade. The outer ring is carved first and then each smaller ring is carved within the first in an intricate and skillful way. I was intrigued to see this same figure on display in Korea.

This display was probably our favorite one. Stacks of cups weaved and wobbled with some ending in a large splat design on the walls and floor.

This house was made from boxes of chocolate cake snacks. Inside the box, the entire room was filled with mirrors, fluorescent paint designs and a black light.

I love black and white designs and this one reminded me of my dalmatian collection.

The feel and texture of this cardboard-lined pathway was wonderful. It was as it if had been carved like a stone wall.

After our walk-through, each child was given a free activity book and allowed to stamp a variety of designs that matched items from the exhibit.

Of course, seeing Pororo was a big highlight too!

These dinosaur skeletons were also made from boxes.

You can easily find the CROWN building by looking for the giant white alligators on the sidewalk in front of the building.

The CROWN Building is very close to Samgakji Station across from the USO.

For more info check out:

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