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Playgroup Halloween Party

October 27, 2009

img 3627

Our playgroup Halloween party was well attended. Minnie Mouse wasn’t actually mad when posing for this photo. I think she was more likely preoccupied with the bouquet of leaves in her hands. The pink fluffy boots were Minnie’s idea. Putting them on the wrong feet was her idea too. Sometimes, it’s just wise not to argue with Minnie — until later.

I tried this year.

I really did.

But, it was just beyond me to go to a party without bringing a craft — just one craft. The craft went well with the pumpkin bean bag game I brought along, which also went well with the ring toss game I threw in my bag to accompany it. These were all just last minute, walking-out-the-door additions to my Halloween paper plates, cups and Halloween candy I decided to bring. No big deal, really. As I unloaded my bag of goodies at the party I was thinking to myself, “Wow, I really phoned it in this year. I should be disappointed with my slacker behavior.” Then one of the other moms chimed in, “You must have been a teacher or something, right?” All I wanted to say back to her was, “Bless you, my child. Bless you.” She’s my new best friend.

Here are some photos from the day:

Foam stickers and a piece of card-stock, the key to a child’s heart — for at least 15 minutes.
img 3622

I love the concentration on this 3-year-old’s little face. Wonderful!
img 3624

Minnie shows me her art and throws up a quick V-sign, but is much too busy to look directly at the camera.
img 3620

One day, Minnie Mouse met Snow White and immediately exclaimed, “My sista, my sista! She is my best friend now!” The Queen thought, “Wow, she makes best friends really easily. I wonder where she gets it from?”

img 3626


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