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The Crab Playground

October 23, 2009

img 33912

October 23, 2009 — I doubt that is the official name of this newly renovated playground in the Ichon area of Yongsan, however, that’s the name my mommy friends have bestowed on it to help us make plans to meet there. The crab playground was renovated at the end of spring this year and it’s become a favorite neighborhood playground for my kids. Our house is about a 10 minute walk from this place, and though we don’t get there as often as we want to, it’s still a great place in our repertoire of kid-friendly spots.

The playground has swings, housed between the two crab claws; several slides coming down from the top of the crab; a sandbox play area; a mushroom house; plenty of benches in both shade and sun; and an exercise section for the adults.

The closest station entrance is Ichon 3-1 which literally sits on the corner of the playground space. It’s a great place to stop if the kids need some time to run and have fun.

Across the street from the playground you’ll also find a small convenience market selling ice cream and snacks to kids every time I pass by, a food stall offering fried foods that must be tasty as there is always a line in front of the building, and a toy store. For kids, I’m sure life doesn’t get any better than this.

I hope to post some better photos sometime soon.

img 33922

img 33932

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