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Arrival in Seattle

October 16, 2009

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July 16. 2009 — Our arrival in Seattle was met with grey cloudy skies and cool weather. It was such a contrast to fly from Hawaiian beaches and bikinis in the morning to people wearing ankle length coats and jackets in the afternoon. We’re all fairly exhausted having had only a few hours to sleep on the plane.

Our flight left Hawaii at 9pm. With only a five hour flight from Hawaii to San Francisco, we found ourselves not prepared for how short the trip would be. After crossing the oceans in previous flights of 13 to 15 hours, I was just beginning to get settled in to the flight and preparing to go to sleep when the captain announced we’d be landing in 20 minutes. I was completely shocked. I tried to close my eyes really quickly for a short snooze, but it was to no avail. Fortunately, all the girls slept for about three hours. We choose a seating assignment of five seats in the middle row, and to our great luck, the row directly behind us was completely empty. The flight attendant asked if our family would like to spread out on the row behind us which allowed all three girls to lie down completely for the entire trip. The flight attendant’s generous offer fell just short of casing an ugly revolt on the plane. For a few minutes, it was honestly a little awkward, but we’d have been stupid to tell her we didn’t want the seats because it might have made other passengers jealous. An older couple sitting right next to me was plotting how the husband would be able to just lie down completely on that row so he was quite mad that we were given the seats. Another family from the Economy section was plotting how they would be able to move up with their baby to lie down on the seats. However, we were seated in Economy Plus ( 5 extra inches!) so they weren’t allowed to move forward without paying. In the end, good fortune smiled on us and we had the most awesome flight. When the pilot announced that they’d be showing the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, the kids thought they had made it to airplane heaven.

We touched down in San Francisco and then had to take another flight to Seattle. I was pretty worried that it would be tough on the kids, but they were awesome – my little seasoned travelers. We grabbed some muffins and bagels at the airport cafe and boarded our plane for the short hop to Seattle.


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