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Doota Play Place and Mommy Space

June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009 – In February we took a trip to Doota department store near Dongdaemun Market and found a great kids place in the food court area. We went back today and found the whole building totally remodeled. While I don’t like this new area as much as the old one, it’s still a place you can take kids to play indoors, which is always nice to know about!

On the 6F of Doota you’ll find the “Mom & Kids” floor. There are lots of shops with kids clothes and accessories, a Dippin’ Dots ice cream counter and a little cafe calle Little Orchard.

At Little Orchard, moms can rest for lunch and coffee while the kids romp around in a small play area. There’s a menu of items for “Mom’s Happy Hour.” You can order noodles, rice, pizza and drinks. The menu categories are in English, but you’ll have to use your Hangeul skills to decipher the items in each category.

This area appears to be only for younger kids so I was worried that they would kick my 7-year-old out, but she seemed welcome to play and no one asked her to sit out.

You can see a list of stores on the Doota website at:

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