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Peeing Along the Han River

April 4, 2009

April 4, 2009 — Last Sunday the family took a drive along the Han River. The Han River winds through the center of Seoul separating it into north and south sections. There are something in the number of 27 different bridges that cross the Han, each one unique and beautiful. Along both sides of the river is the Hangang Park – or Han River Park. There are bike trails, walking paths, playgrounds, swimming pools, skate parks, and lots of other recreational things to do. Next to many of the walking and bike paths, a road winds along the river as well. My apartment looks out over the Han River and the Hangang Park and there are always bikers and walkers enjoying a stroll every day of the week. It’s a beautiful place to go to retreat from the busyness of city living and concrete towers.

That’s one of the reasons we were so utterly shocked to have this peaceful retreat marred by the ghastly behavior we witnessed on our relaxing drive. Well, ok, it was ghastly, but also quite funny in an “I can’t believe we just saw that happen” sort of way.

Driving casually along the river we glanced toward the water only to see an older Korean man, in his 60s maybe, peeing in public, facing the street and us, with everything hanging out as plain as day. An incredulous chuckle from Dad, a squeal and then a gasp from little girls in the backseat followed by “Ewwww!” — and a horrified “aaaah!” from me.

I would think a nice, waist-high shrub would have come in handy about that time. If only.

Lucky for you, I was too shocked and distracted to have time to snap a photo, ( and even if I had, I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to post it) but in any case, you can see the road along the Han River in the photo above and the grassy area next to the road where the guy was peeing and facing cars.


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