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Seoul’s Lotte World

August 10, 2008

img 84791

August 10, 2008 — Last weekend we took the family about 15 minutes down the street to the Disney-like Lotte World theme park, complete with costumed characters that look an awful lot like Jiminy Cricket, Marie from Aristocats, Mickey and Minnie (except instead of mice, they’re raccoons,) a monorail, a blue-spired castle, the Kingdom of Snow White and Pharaoh’s Fury, an Indiana Jones rip-off. It was actually tons of fun, and it was kind of remarkable to see how much of the park, like the Lotte World logo, was practically identical to things at Walt Disney World. It was kind of freaky. I’m not sure exactly how they get away with it, but apparently they do.

Lotty and Lonny are the two main characters.  The Lotte World Website describes Lotty as “Breeding dream with bright and nice mind.”  Lorry, is a “pretty girl friend of Lotty… conveying warm love.”  Aww, isn’t that cute.  You can also learn about their friends and meet Charon Cat, “the graceful cat lady is arrogant but is a subject of envious gaze of men at parties due to her splendid beauty.”  Now that’s what I call sweet and wholesome.  Of course, there’s also Fiddler, the grasshopper.  No whistling for this guy.  Instead he plays the violin and he “never forgets to give his best in his fiddle performance.”

We certainly had a great time at this park, and with the annual passes we bought today, I’m sure I’ll have more delightful stories to share about Lotte World.

Another item that’s next on our To Do list is to visit a supposedly even better Disneyland “tribute” called Seoul Land which boasts its very own Tomorrow Land, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land and World Plaza.  Sounds interesting, don’t you think?

img 8484 3

Lotte World in Seoul, Korea

img 8635 3

Lotty stands atop a spinning globe outside the front entrance of Lotte World.

img 8633 3

Lotte World in Seoul, Korea

img 8606 3

Mickey, Minnie and Marie…uh…er… I mean Lotty, Lorry and Charon Cat

img 8478 4

Nope, look again.  This isn’t Cinderella’s Castle…

img 8482 4

Daughter #1- locked away in chains.  You can see the (feigned) fear in her eyes, wink. I love the fake feet!

img 8483 3

Daughter #2 follows suit, but plays along with a great big smile.

img 8486 3

One of the eating establishments in Lotte World is this Korean temple-style bulgogi restaurant.

img 8487 3

My little one gets some attention from this very Jiminy Cricket-looking character.

img 8488 4

Say “kimchi!”

img 8489 3

Both Japan and Korea have these giant, motorized stuffed animals that kids can ride around on and steer for just a couple of bucks.

img 8613 3

The Summer Festival theme was Rio Samba.  This photo is not very good, but you can get an idea for the bright, colorful costumes worn in the parade.

img 8619 3

I loved these giant, dancing Matryoshka dolls.  They made me think of my very dear friend back home, and I took this photo especially for her!  L- aren’t these cute?!

img 8630 3

My fellow Disney-fan friend will appreciate the hilarity of the amazing likeness of THIS logo to one that shall remain unnamed.  E- have you seen this somewhere before?

Thanks for reading.


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