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Unpacking Day 2

June 28, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 — Wow, what a great night’s sleep! Truly, I haven’t slept that good in two months! We’re finally sleeping in our own beds again. Everyone in the house woke up this morning and commented on how comfortable their beds were. I was worried about bringing our big bed here, but I’m so thankful we did. Between me, Husband, the baby in my tummy and my 5 pillows, the loaner, queen-sized bed was feeling slightly cramped. Did I mention, too, that it was hard as a brick? Oh, I did.

Well, after a comfortable night of sleep, things can only get better. We began the second round of unloading today, bright and early this morning. 7:50 a.m. to be exact. Why in the world do people have to show up for things like this before 8 a.m.? I know it’s only 10 minutes, but as one of my friends in Nashville once told me, there’s something magical about the clock striking 8:00 am. Once it does so, at least for me, I feel the day is allowed to start. Regardless, the Japanese movers were on our doorstep, eager to get this load finished.

Thankfully, there was not much to unload in today’s crates. Our living room furniture is what took up most of the space. Beyond that, just a few more boxes of items. Husband and I (mostly Husband) spent the rest of the day getting the living room and TV set up. I watched him for most of it. He’s so good at dealing with cables and wires. I absolutely cannot stand the thought of having to figure out what “ cable-in” goes in what “out.” It’s a skill I just don’t have, nor do I want to have. So, I watched as he expertly wired and connected all of our entertainment devices, moved the furniture around 6 different ways until we found a configuration that would work in our narrow living space, and hung our family photos on the walls. By 8:00 pm we had a wonderful, finished living room and, I have to say, it does feel good to be surrounded by the comfort of our familiar items. We had the option of using loaner furniture, but we decided to bring our own couch and some of our other furniture. We didn’t bring a lot of it, but I’m glad we chose to bring some. It feels like Home.

Yesterday was overwhelming because it seemed like there was no end in sight, but in just a day, we have several rooms unpacked and comfortable. It’s not exactly that I missed my stuff, but having it back now, does bring a certain level of comfort that I had hoped it would. It feels like our house now — a place where we could definitely spend the next few years and really love it. It’s funny how I have progressed through these stages of acceptance. I wonder if there’s a book on this. I’m sure there is. But, day by day, I grow to love this home and this area more and more. There’s something new to experience every day. It’s like food for my hungry brain. Today, I love my house, I love my kitchen, and I love Japan.

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