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Our Flight to Japan

April 28, 2006

Friday, April, 28, 2006

Finally, our flight itinerary has been set. Above you will see the route we’ll take. Leaving from Dothan, Alabama on Sunday, April 30th at 7:25 am, we will fly first to Atlanta. From Atlanta, we’ll board a Delta flight at 9:22 am and fly non-stop to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, arriving at 1:25 pm Tokyo time. That translates to a 14 hour plane ride with an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old! When we arrive in Tokyo we’ll have a 25 mile bus ride to our new home which will take us 2 to 3 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. It takes over 2 hours to travel the 25 miles to Camp Zama from the airport. Can’t you just hear it — “Are we there yet, Daddy?”

Interestingly, over the course of this flight, we’ll cross Canada, the Yukon Territory, Alaska, Russia and finally arrive in Japan.

  1. I love the graphic of the plane flying to Japan. My nephew here in Cool Springs joined my and we visited Tokyo together a few years ago. It was the coolest vacation ever. They finally have bubble tea here in town now!

    John R. Carlisle

    • jenonymously permalink

      John, thanks for your comment. I totally agree, a trip to Tokyo IS the coolest. It’s an incredible place. Bubble Tea in Tennessee?? Wow, it’s really moved up in the world since I left. I adore bubble tea. Yum. Can’t believe you’re writing from Cool Springs! I lived in Cane Ridge off Nolensville Road before moving to Japan. Small world! Thanks for reading.

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